Royal Express offers:
Domestic and international road transport across the Caucasus;
Domestic and international road transport across CIS countries;
Domestic and international road transport across Europe, Minor and Central Asia.

The ranking of RE shipping selection criteria is:

  • Door-to-door transportation tariffs (costs);
  • Door-to-door transit time;
  • Willingness to negotiate tariff changes;
  • Financial stability of the company;
  • Service (frequency) level;
  • Protection of cargo;
  • Qualification of staff;
  • Forwarding and control of transfers;
  • Willingness to negotiate service change;
  • Flexibility of the shipping routing scheme and application procedure (shipping order).

Our services also include:

• Collection of goods;
• Transportation of bulk or other types of cargo with full or partial loading by road;
• Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo;
• Transportation of dangerous and perishable goods by road transport with
temperature control;
• Transportation of household and personal belongings;
• Customs and handling services;
• Other additional services.


Being a logistics field development-focused company, Royal Express considers competent advising one of the principal responsibilities, so contact or write to us.